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Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre
Housing and Homelessness Service

Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre delivers a Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) which is jointly funded by the Australian and Qld governments.

This program aims to support people as they deal with the issues that have led them to becoming homeless or at risk of this.  We are also able to work with people to access the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform, including a Vacancy Register and the Common Homelessness Assessment and Referral Tool.

Our case management approach is responsive to the client’s stated needs and can include:

  • short term emergency accommodation support
  • general support
  • information and advocacy
  • living skills
  • court support and personal support with respect to families and relationships.

Some basic items such as swags, and information about services such as meals, showers, and medical services are also provided through this program.

We can link with a range of supports to assist clients to overcome obstacles to gaining stable accommodation.

Our team embraces diversity in our community and staff are competent in responding to people who have special needs and access interpreter services when appropriate.

Frequently asked Questions

My family is on the Department of Housing/Social Housing Wait List but would be better off if we only had to pay the same rent as public housing clients. Does that mean we can move in to a SHS property and wait there until we get an offer from the Department of Housing and Public Works?

Our accommodation support is viewed as short term and emergency. People who stay in our accommodation must be working with our team to increase their resilience with respect to housing needs and this may touch on a range of lifestyle and health issues. We encourage our accommodation clients to explore a range of longer term housing options in addition to public housing. This includes private rentals, properties available through the National Rent Affordability Scheme and transitional housing options.

I’ve heard that once someone stays with your service they get offered their own public housing offer within 6 months. Is this true?

This is not true, however, our case management framework usually supports people to become more realistic about their housing goals and more ready to undertake a tenancy in an area which reflects their budget. This can be in the private, community or public sector.

I’ve got a list of housing support services and I’ve been to five agencies over the last month and it seems useless. Should I still visit your agency?

If another agency has undertaken an assessment process with you recently using the CHART you will already be on the system and another service should be monitoring and supporting your progress. However, if you have moved a long way from that service or feel that you can no longer work with the original agency you can ask the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre program to case manage your progress.

What about confidentiality?

Your privacy and confidentiality is protected by law and is respected by our team. We do not share information you provide to us unless required to by law or you have consented for this to happen. We have procedures in place so that you will be asked for your consent before we share any information to any person or agency. Exceptions to this practice are only permitted in extreme circumstances e.g. when we have good reason to believe that you are at risk to yourself or others, when child safety is a strong concern and when information is subpoenaed by a court.

Can I just drop in to apply for Specialist Housing Support?

We have a small team at Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre. The SHS program operates between 9:00 and 4:00 Monday through Thursday. From time to time we will be out of the office or undertaking other work such as case management activities. If we are not able to see you immediately we will call to make a suitable appointment to first undertake a screen and then an assessment, if needed. We can also undertake the CHART by phone.

If a team member is not available at a time that you call or present, you may choose to leave a phone number and you will be contacted when they are next available.

We are very interested in responding to your enquiries and understand that some people will need an urgent response, especially where safety or sleeping rough is concerned. With this in mind we have included alternative contact numbers with respect to homelessness.

Other relevant service contacts:

DV Connect

1800 811 811

1800 600 636

HPIC – Homeless Persons Information Centre
1800 474 753

The Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre
3004 0100

139 Club
3254 1144

Office Hours Monday to Thursday – 9am to 4pm – 3379 6963